How To Stay Awake On The Road

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Truck driving requires lengthy amounts of time on the road and if you drive trucks or have even taken a long road trip, you know hard it can be stay awake while driving. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you stay awake on the road.

6 Tips & Tricks to Staying Awake On The Road

1. Avoid High Contrast Lights

This is especially critical at night. The stark contrast between bright lights and pitch black will make your eyes start to feel sleepy. It might be useful to turn your dash lights down so they are just bright enough to see the gauges and of course, do your best to look away from oncoming headlights.

2. Turn the Temperature Down

The warmer it gets in your cab, the sleepier you’ll start to feel. Fight the relaxing urge to nap by keeping the temperature borderline chilly. That will help with keeping you more alert.

3. Turn Off the Radio

I know, this ones a hard one but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be silent the entire time! Turning off the radio and enjoying the silence gives you a break from the constant talking and songs that starts to feel mundane and tiresome. Once you enjoy the quiet humming of the road, turn your radio back on! The quiet can also get tiresome after awhile.

4. Avoid Endless Caffeine

Who doesn’t love an ice cold coke or cup of coffee? Most of us don’t feel completely awake until we’ve had our daily dose! While it’s fine to sip here and there, watch out for constant refills throughout the day. And definitely avoid mixing different stimulants like coffee and energy drinks because you’ll likely feel the crash shortly after.

5. Avoid Large Portions of Food

I think we can all agree that the aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner leads to everyone laying around completely stuffed and tired. A full stomach leaves us feeling sleepy but when you eat small meals throughout the day, you’ll feel frequent energizing kicks to keep you awake on the road.

6. Work in Time for Exercise

For any jobs that require sitting for long lengths of time, finding time to work in 30 minutes of exercise can be huge for your energy levels and well-being. It’s not easy to create new habits so don’t feel bad about starting small and taking steps to the opportune lifestyle. Things like taking a five minute walk while you are stopped at a truck stop or rest area can make a big difference.

It’s not easy to stay awake and alert while on the road but by following these tips, we hope at least one of them will help! Let us know what you do to stay awake on the road! We’d love to hear any tips and tricks to try out!

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