4 Tips to Healthy Habits On The Road

4 Tips to Healthy Habits on the Road WM Transportation

Eating healthy in general is a task in itself. It involves planning, preparation and not giving into cravings (which seems to be the hardest part). When you’re on the road, it can seem even more daunting. Gas stations and drive-thrus offer just about every craving we could possibly want: donuts, salty chips, fruit pastries, fries, hamburgers and ice-cold Coke. The key is to start finding healthier alternatives and trust us, your body will thank you!

Here are some quick tips to help you eat better to fuel your body and keep you focused while on the road:

1. Stop at Places that Offer Healthier Options
Not giving into cravings is simple when you avoid places that don’t offer healthier alternatives. This being said, most gas stations now offer healthy options like fresh fruit, vegetables and boiled eggs. Things like apple slices, celery and carrots are great snacks that fill you up without making you feel depleted after. You can always dip your raw vegetables in hummus to add a healthy protein.

2. Eat Lean Meats
Eating healthy and getting enough protein is important, especially when we’re driving and need to stay alert. Did you know this will help prevent energy lags? Try switching out fried and fatty meats with baked chicken or fish. Grabbing a sandwich packed with vegetables and lean turkey is another great option but be careful when it comes to the dressings like mayo and ranch (opt for the lighter side here).

3. Eat Small Portions Frequently
Have you ever eaten a big meal and felt exhausted after? This happens because it sends a message to your brain that you won’t be eating for awhile and in exchange, stores those calories as fat. When you eat small portions throughout the day, it lets your body know that food is plentiful enough to burn through the calories.

4. Drink Water!
Whether you believe it or not, drinking water can help with overcoming junk food cravings. It keeps our body replenished and flushes out toxins while helping us eat less (otherwise known as boredom eating). If you drink a lot of soda throughout the day, start replacing it with water and limit how much soda you intake. Not only will drinking water keep you alert, it also will help with reducing the amount of calories you drink.

They real key to eating healthy on the road is to do your best and not beat yourself up when you give into a craving. Eating healthy isn’t something you do overnight and it takes time to make it a habit. Be proud of the small victories and notice how you feel afterwards and throughout the rest of the day. Who knows, before you know it you might just be craving crisp apple slices over those salty fries!

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