How to Manage a Healthy Sleep Schedule

Managing a healthy sleep schedule isn’t always easy. Have you ever felt completely exhausted and wish you could go back in time when you were young and take every possible nap available? Naps can be hard to come by for any adult, but even more slim for truck drivers. On top of how hard it is to function on limited sleep, did you know that it also affects your health?

Healthy Sleep Schedule + Your Health

Getting enough sleep is just as crucial as getting enough exercise and eating healthy.

Here’s what you might experience when feeling sleep deprived:

Slower Reaction. This might not seem huge but if you’re behind the wheel of a rig, you can see how dangerous this can be.

Foggy Mind. This one can be so frustrating and result in being grumpy because it’s so frustrating to forget things. Also, being grumpy on the road can make you frustrated over little things that other drivers do.

Weakened Immune System. Not only are you more susceptible to a stuffy nose and head cold but also long-term things like high blood pressure and even diabetes.

Increased Appetite. We’ve all been there. So incredibly tired and the only thing that keeps us going is snacks and caffeine. If this is a daily thing, you can see how this creates unhealthy habits.

How to get Sleep on the Road

We hope that these tips will help with getting a healthy amount of sleep on the road!

  1. Park your truck somewhere quiet and safe
  2. Block out all light or use an eye mask
  3. Listen to something that relaxes you and takes your mind off worries and stressors. This can be done by listening to your favorite podcast, white noise or classical music. Turn your phone to ‘do not disturb’ to minimize distractions
  4. Set the temperature to whatever is comfortable to you
  5. Invest in a mattress topper for your cab, especially if it’s old or uncomfortable

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